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Ekonomiska Föreningen (EF)


Ekonomiska Föreningen (EF) is the programme section for students at the programme in Business and Economics. As a student at the programme and a member of HHGS, you are automatically a member of EF. Our primary tasks are to monitor the quality of the education, arrange social activities and connecting our students with the business world. Among other things we arrange ʼsittningarʼ, exam breakfasts and case competions. One of our most popular events is the traditional ʼTrekantenʼ held in May, a collaboration between the three largest schools in Gothenburg – Chalmers University of Technology, Sahlgrenska Academy and the School of Business Economics and Law.


If you have any questions about the education, ideas about events or suggestions on themes for our next ʼsittningʼ. Follow our facebook page for more information.