New at Handels

First of all we want to say congratulation and a warm welcome to the School of Business, Economics & Law! Through this page we will try to guide you through the most important information to know when you are new at Handels and the student life!



HHGS is the student union at the School of Business, Economics and Law. We live by the creed that together we shape our future. As your student union we are monitoring the education at the school but we are also the the mother-organisation of more than 30 associations, all of which organise several events during the year, ranging from inspirational lunch lectures to a full-blown musical. Furthermore, HHGS has four career-fairs during the year, introduction weeks in the beginning of your journey at Handels and owns 100% of seven companies that give meaningful work-experience to hundreds of members every year.

You can become an HHGS member here. When you have become an HHGS member you will get a black mecenat card. The black mecenat card is used to show that you are a HHGS member, when you for example are participating in events, are going to the Handelspub or take advantage of other things that HHGS are offering its members. 


Participate in the introduction weeks!

Are you starting to study on a basic level?

Are you starting to study a bachelor program in Business & Economics,  Logistics or Environmental Science, or are you starting the Law program or studying  independent courses? Then Handels Nollning is the place for you! N&FA  (the Nollnings- and Fadder academy) are the ones that arranges your introduction weeks, that is called “Nollning”. 

This years Nollning takes place during the 14th of August to the 2nd of September! You will find everything you need to know and how you participate on Handels Nollnings webpage.

On Handels Nollnings webpage you can also find facebook groups for your programme to join! 

Are you an exchange student or starting your master?

If you are here for an exchange semester or are starting your master at the School of Business, Economics and law. Then the Welcome weeks are here for you! IntU (the International Committee) together with the MPS (Master Programme Section) are the ones that arranges your Welcome weeks! 

This years Welcome weeks takes place during the 28th of August to the 9th of September. 

In order to participate in the Welcome weeks you don’t have to do anything! When the school start is approaching you will be contacted and get more information about the Welcome weeks and in what ways you can participate in it!

There is a facebook group for welcome weeks that you can find and join below! There is also a facebook group for admitted master students of 2023!