Subsidy Request

The Business Relations fund


The purpose of the Business Relations Fund is to give financial support to associations and in return give exposure to HHGS.

Furthermore, the Business Relations Fund is one of the ways that HHGS takes responsibility for the environment by financing products that are sustainable and/or can be used over several years, i.e. don’t have a year or name on them.

Criteria for a subsidy request from the Business Relations Fund:
  • The logotype must be visible (see below to download the logotype).
  • Subsidy requests from the Business Relations Fund are primarily for profile materials that are going to be used in longer periods of time, not for single posters.
  • Every subsidy request is unique. We are open for new ways of exposing the logotype. Contact businessrelations@hhgs.seif you think it is worth requesting from the Business Relations Fund.
  • Must have contacted our communicated partner first if you are ordering profile material.
  • Take into consideration that the product which is the object for this request has to be used longer than a year. Furthermore, sustainable and environmentally friendly products will be prioritized when evaluating requests.
  • The goal of the Business Relations Fund is to give exposure to HHGS. Therefore, requests are expected to give proper exposure to the members of Student Union.

The Head of Business Relations aims to approve or deny a subsidy request within a timely manner.


The HHGS logotype can be found here