Become a HHGS member to get full accessibility to everything that HHGS has to offer. We have different memberships to assert for your needs, all from the support memberships to a Student membership for all your years enrolled at Handels.

Support membership

per one week

This membership can only be bought at the reception desk

Student membership

per semester**

Support membership

per year

This membership can only be bought at the reception desk

Student membership

 for all years enrolled at Handels**

Alumni membership

per three years

This membership can only be bought at the reception desk

*HHGS Benefits includes voting in the HHGS Board Election and at annual meeting and taking part of benefits from our Special Offer Partners. 

**Please note that if you are not a registered student at the School of Business, Economics and Law, you can not become a Student Member. If you pay the fee you will automatically become a Support Member.

8 reasons to become a member

If you are still not sure if you should become a member or not, this list is for you! 

Educational surveillance

You contribute to the educational surveillance that the union engages in. We regularly meet with the institutions, faculty board and principal of the faculty. Your voice is important!

Read more about that here

Associations & Projects

You can join one of our projects (workfairs, introduction weeks etc), associations ranging from choirs to staff in the pub, or the union board.

All associations and projects

Discount on staples and HHGS merchandise

In the union office you can purchase staples and merchandise at a discount of the non-member price. Some other study material is also available to purchase, obviously to a big discount for members.



Some call it heaven on earth, others call it the best bar in town. As a member you are part of the exclusive circle of people who are welcome to the pub, for both regular parties and sittningar.



As a member, you are always insured when attending HHGS activites.

Contribute to your programme section

For every member, your programme section receives a fraction of the member fee, which they can use to arrange fun events for you! 

NÖJES - Perks

As a member, you have benefits at different night clubs when showing you black mecenat card. 


The first time you become a member you get 3 months que time at SGS student housing.  You need to study at least 50% to receive this benefit. (You need to become a member before the 1st of October to get your additional que time at latest on the 1st on November or before the 1st of March to get you additional que time at latest on the 1st of April).

Special offer partners

As a member of HHGS, you get a discount with our special offers partners, ranging from everything between food and clothes, to nightclubs and phone applications.