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Student Health

Student Health

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Contact information for Feelgood

Appointments and advice: 010-810 81 92

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 08:00–17.00

Address: Otterhällegatan 2, 411 18 Göteborg

Visiting hours: Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00

Student Health

Are you a student at the School of Business and Economics and experiencing health issues because of your studies? Then you can receive support from Feelgood, the University’s provider of student health services!

We know school sometimes can be a lot, but it should never affect your health negatively! Feelgood can offer support if your health issues are caused by your studies, for example stress-related problems or anxiety over grades. If you are unsure whether your issues are caused by your studies, Feelgood can have a discussion with you and based on this decide whether to grant you access to the student healthcare services or whether you will need to contact the general healthcare services. You should never hesitate to ask!

At Feelgood Göteborg City you have access to individual counselling sessions and different kinds of group activities like workshops and lectures about student health. In addition to counselling sessions in person, it is also possible to have sessions online, using the Feelgood app.

You can find further info about your rights and about treatments at the Student Portal, link on your left!