Statutes & Policies

HHGS statutes

HHGS statute lies at the heart of the organisation. The statute serve as internal rules and states the purpose of our organisation as well as regulates several important aspects that characterise our student union. The statute can only be adopted or declined by the annual meeting that is held in May each year. HHGS statute is at the moment only provided in Swedish. 

HHGS Stadgar

HHGS Statutes

Please note : The English interpretation of the Statutes is provided only for the purpose of understanding and interpreting the document. The Swedish version of the Statutes is the valid and official one.

Code of conduct

Code of conduct is a disciplinary statue which regulates disciplinary measures and matters that can be taken against an individual or group of people who are members of HHGS, the Student Union at the School of Business Economics and Law in Gotenburg. As a member of the Student Union you are obligated to read, understand and align with the document.


Policies serve as regulatory documents to ensure a common course of the organisation is maintained. HHGS policies serve as guidelines for the work within the student union on a daily basis. The aim with the policies is to achieve a unified organisation. HHGS Board strives towards creating a smooth organisation where matters are handled the same way regardless of where in the organisation events occur. By stating the common values HHGS stands for, union members are given the tools to work towards compliance with these.


Stella Donning

Vice President



For questions regarding policies in general, please contact the vice president, however, for questions aimed at a single policy, please see the last page of policy in question for further contact details.