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Subsidy Requests

There are two funds from where student union members may receive funding for costs arising within an association or project. The two funds are called “Rekreationsfonden” or ”Recreational Fund” and the “Business Relations Fund”. Click on either one to read more about how you can request money from the funds.


The fund has an interesting history, and is sometimes referred to as the historical fund. HHGS was founded in 1926 and for many years the organisation thrived. In 1971 however, The School of Business, Economics and Law became a part of Gothenburg University and the HHGS ceased to be a student union, but rather a section under the philosophical faculty’s student union (FFS). Afraid that our money would be taken by FFS, the board of HHGS put its fortune in a trust called “Stiftelsen Förutvarande Handelshögskolans i Göteborg Studentkår” preventing the money from going to students outside Handels. This trust is still manages a significant amount of money of which part is given out every year to subsidize activities within HHGS.

How to request money from the Recreational Fund

In order to be eligible for a subsidy from the fund, your association must fill out a pre-request for all events you wish to get subsidies for during the year. There are a number of rules as to what the money can go to, for example no alcohol can be subsidized and the money can only go to HHGS members. The complete list of rules is found here:

After handing in the pre-request the student union board will go through all requests and grant money where it does the most good, ergo where most members benefit, and then notify your association. As HHGS handles the economy of all associations and projects the money will not be paid out to a person but rather be accounted into your associations balance sheet. Currently, the recreational fund is closed for applications. More information will come at a later date.  

An association that has been granted a subsidy for an event must fill out an after-report of the event in order to finalize the deal and show how many people actually showed up and were members etc. This must be done within two weeks after the event.



The purpose of the Business Relations Fund is to give financial support to associations and in return give exposure to HHGS.

Furthermore, the Business Relations Fund is one of the ways that HHGS takes responsibility for the environment by financing products that are sustainable and/or can be used over several years, i.e. don’t have a year or name on them.

Criteria for a subsidy request from the Business Relations Fund:

  • The logotype must be visible (see below to download the logotype).
  • Subsidy requests from the Business Relations Fund are primarily for profile materials that are going to be used in longer periods of time, not for single posters.
  • Every subsidy request is unique. We are open for new ways of exposing the logotype. Contact businessrelations@hhgs.seif you think it is worth requesting from the Business Relations Fund.
  • Must have contacted our communicated partner first if you are ordering profile material.
  • Take into consideration that the product which is the object for this request has to be used longer than a year. Furthermore, sustainable and environmentally friendly products will be prioritized when evaluating requests.
  • The goal of the Business Relations Fund is to give exposure to HHGS. Therefore, requests are expected to give proper exposure to the members of Student Union.

The Head of Business Relations aims to approve or deny a subsidy request within a timely manner.


Logotype of HHGS is available at: