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Handels Corporate Governance

About us

HCG advocates everything related to professional governance of student driven organizations. Our Vision is to promote students’ potential to become professional forces within Board of Directories and Corporate Governance. To fulfill this, we always strive for an as professional Board of Directory as possible in our own organization as well as in other student organizations. Our Mission is to increase students’ awareness and experience of Corporate Governance, offer meeting places for current and future leaders, assure a high level of quality in student organizations Board of Directoriesand to increase students’ competence within the field.


For students

We want you to thrive as a professional Board member in your future. Therefore, we intend to connect you with relevant platforms, networks and give you the tools to succeed. Follow us on Facebook and our website to keep up with upcoming activities. If you are interested in knowing more about us and/or join our team, we are always glad to hear from you!


For student organizations

We want you to do as good work as possible when you engage in a student organization and it should be easy! We know that a lot of students who engage in student organizations would benefit from both understanding more about their role as a board member and how a Board of Directory can be driven in an optimal way. We are here to assist and empower your Board of Directory’s quality and competence level. If you are interested in doing a board evaluation, structure your board procedures, talk about best practice or just want to get some tips and tricks, please contact us!