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Equal Treatment

Policy of Equal Treatment

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Equal Treatment

With the aim of the Swedish Government’s goal of an equal society, the Universities in Sweden have a very important role to play in integrating gender equality into ordinary decision-making processes in the academic world. Handelshögskolan has a mission to educate future leaders whom all need to be provided with an equal power approach. This should be based on the grounds of discrimination and is also the cornerstone in HHGS regulatory documents regarding equality and work in the area.

There are several ways in which equal treatment saturates the activities of the organisation linked to ensuring gender equality in education. First of all, one of HHGS responsibilities relating to our status as a student union, is to ensure that the education maintains high quality. Due to this HHGS aims at incorporating gender equality as a natural part of our work on educational coverage.

Apart from this HHGS supports and stands for all people’s equal value and strive at positioning HHGS as a forward-looking and responsible organisation that embraces differences.

HHGS work on equality, in special regard to the educational coverage, is inspired as well as supported by the University of Gothenburg´s progress on the area. HHGS participates in several networks and task forces within the universities borders working towards a more equal society.

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