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Business Relations Committee

What is the Business Relations Committee?

The Business Relations Committee have the main task to ensure the Student Unions reputation among the business sector. The committee consists of teams working close with the Head of Business Relations to ensure the satisfaction of all the partners of the Student Union as well as with the respective Head of Business Relations of each programme section.

If you wish to apply to the committee, don’t hesitate to contact the Head of Business Relations at

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See the brochure to get an introduction to what the Business Relations Committee can offer your company. Contact us to find out more.

Victoria Nilsson

Head of Business Relations

William Bergander

Head of Sales

Kajsa Pålsson

Sales Representative

Joachim Ryrberg

Sales Representative, Sponsorships

Simon Anderberg

Head of Marketing

Ellen Weckström


Jonatan Svanberg

CFO Stockholm Business Trip

Jonatan Fredriksson

Stockholm Business Trip Group

Gustav Blomberg

Stockholm Business Trip Group

Melody Yiju Wang

Stockholm Business Trip Group