In HHGS we have a wide range of different associations. We’ve got everything from the dancing associations, to associations arranging trips and running our student pub. It is the associations who makes our university expereince blossom and make sure that the traditions gets maintained.

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DJ Team Götes

Feministiska Juriststudenter


Handels Case Club

Handels Extreme Sports

Handels Students for Sustainability

Handels Idrottsförening

Handels Kvinnliga Nätverk

Handels Quiz Masters





Musikcorpset Mistluren

Nollnings- och Fadderakademin


Tre Ess


The student union board has been forced to make some hard decisions during this year due to the pandemic. One of our hardest decisions has also been the most fun one though, and that is deciding which one of our awesome associations should be the


We’ve seen a lot of creative solutions from all of our projects and associations this year and the board is so happy to see that you’ve worked so hard to make ends meet this year.

The winner of the award “association of the year” has truly been working their butts off for the last year.

This association has never given up despite all the lemons that the pandemic has thrown at them. When the pandemic became a fact, they were forced to wipe away all the planning they’d been working with for half a year. They started all over again, only to be forced  to wipe away all of their new planning, and start over, again. And then Again. And again. Planning a project this big during a global pandemic without having a single confirmed case linked to their events should be impossible, but without this association doing their job at such a high quality, we would’ve lost a whole generation of new students being engaged within HHGS.

To an amazing crew that has handled every single challenge with great optimism, caution and creativity.

Thank you for your amazing work during the initiation weeks and the time leading up to them, to the association of the year,

 N&FA 2020! 

Do you have an idea about an association that does not exist? Contact our Head of Associations and Projects!