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Annual Events

The ”avsits”


This day marks the end of one year in HHGS and the start for the new one. All of our associations, union companies and projects (both entering and exiting their year of operation) are invited to celebrate this together with the boards of HHGS. The purpose of this event is to welcome the new year and to thank all the resigning members for doing their work within the union.

Valborg (Walpurgis)


The last day in April we celebrate Valborg in Sweden every year. Valborg marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated by spending lots of time outside with family and friends – usually around a huge bonfire. Of course this is celebrated by HHGS as well.  

We celebrate this by inviting our members to different events, mostly parties and hangouts in parks. By tradition we also play the Swedish sport “Brännboll” which is like baseball but much easier. The celebration varies from year to year, so keep yourself updated and look for the yearly events. Come celebrate the arrival of spring with us!