This is HHGS

Who are we?

HHGS is the student union at the School of Business, Economics and Law. We live by the creed that together we shape our future. Being a student union means that what we do is regulated by Swedish law, namely monitoring the education at the school for all its students – members as well as non-members. However, monitoring the education is just one of very many things that the union does. HHGS is the mother-organisation of more than 30 associations, all of which organise several events during the year, ranging from inspirational lunch lectures to a full-blown musical. Furthermore, HHGS has three career-fairs during the year and owns 100% of seven companies that give meaningful work-experience to hundreds of members every year.

The board of HHGS exists to make life easier for its members and associations. We handle the daily administration of the associations’ economy and all the situations that arise with their operations. Furthermore we act as a link between the members and the different projects, associations, and companies as well as external partners.

Union Companies
Career Fairs

Handelshögskolan was established

In 1923 the “Handelshögskolan” was established. The first year the group only consisted of 9 students. The classes that they offered were economics, business, economic geography, jurisprudence, as well as language classes in English, German, French and Russian. In 1925 the students suggested that a Student Union should be formed, and in the same year the school also moved from “Göteborgs Högskola” to “old Handels” at Läroverksgatan 1.

The HHGS Board

Linus Olsson


Olivia Lind

Vice President

Alfred Seljee

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria Nilsson

Head of Business Relations

Sofia Ekholm

Head of Education

Sara Andersson

Head of Marketing

Alva Löfvenberg

Head of Events

Erik Florander

Head of Administration

Johanna Midhage

Head of Associations

Anna Mattson

Head of International Relations

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