Union Companies

Work experience before graduation

Some schools have incubators, but at HHGS we have our own corporate group, consisting of 7 companies owned through our holding company; HHGS Holding AB. Through our companies thousands of students have over the years gained valuable experience in management consulting, legal advisory and accounting, to name a few of the fields HHGS Group engages in. With a yearly turnover of over 7 million swedish crowns and 150 employees, the HHGS group is both a source of knowledge and revenue for the owners, ergo: You, as a member of The Student Union.


Union companies

The HHGS Group is held together by HHGS Holding. Holding is responsible for the companies and also enables the companies to tax-plan which means that the HHGS group can minimize tax and hence provide maximum revenue to the members of the student union.

HandelsConsulting is the Nordic regions largest student-run management consulting firm. Our project based consulting services cover fields such as market analysis, logistics, managerial accounting, strategy, sustainability, and law.

HandelsJuristerna is a legal consultancy firm. We want to remove the barrier between business & law firms by being the prestigeless player on the market. Our clients receive at the same time reliable legal advice at competitive prices.

Handels Capital Management AB (HCM) manages parts of the surplus wealth of the student union and their companies in a discretionary managed portfolio.

HandelsFinance is the youngest company in HHGS Group but growing rapidly. We offer consultancy services within accounting, controlling and corporate finance.

HandelsMarketing is a communication agency run by students! We work with real cases concerning everything from communications strategies to web design.

HHGS Nöjes AB is a student union company that creates external events; record-breaking parties at the finest clubs of Gothenburg and unforgettable formals in the most beautiful places. At our events we bring students together and enable networking, partying and dancing.


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