Student Work Environment

Work environment

In HHGS we work for a better working environment at the School of Business, Economics and Law. There is many laws regulating the working environment for students in Sweden. The laws concern physical as well as psychosocial work environment, and as students we have rights. HHGS role is to review the work environment at our school, and to affect the work that our school does in this area. Therefore, we have Student Work Environment Representatives (SAMO) in different student groups, who is looking out for work environmental issues. They represent you in questions regarding student work environment towards the department, who have the responsibility for the work environment for all students enrolled in a course or programme at that respective department. If you have any complaints or other information about your work environment, be it physical och phsycosocial, always feel free to reach out to your SAMO by emailing the adress to the right!If you want to know more about what the SAMO is and what they can help you with, more information is available here!

Physical work environment

The physical work environment comprises everything from keeping our school nice and clean, to lighting and air quality. These issues are documented during work environment rounds in the common areas at our school, and also through reporting to the Campus Service if students find any problems during their lectures etc. If you for example experience that their is bad air quality in a lecture room, if it is too warm or too cold, you can report this yourself at: Report a Physical Work Environment Issue.

Psychosocial work environment

As a student you also have rights to a satisfying psychosocial work environment. You should always be treated well, and the school should work for better mental health among the students. If you feel like you need help or someone to talk to, you are always welcome to contact Feelgood. It is important that everything that affects the psychosocial work environment for students is reported to SAMO, for us to work further with important questions.


Alexander Larsson

Head of Education