Student Membership
150 SEKper semester
  • This is a Student Membership. If you only plan to study for one semester at Handels, this is the membership for you. It gives you full accessibility to everything that HHGS has to offer, you get to vote in the HHGS Board Election and at annual meetings. But, if you plan to stay at Handels for longer, we have a perfect offer for you....
Support Membership
250 SEKper two semesters
  • This is a Support Membership. For Handels and non-Handels-students! This membership does not give you any of the perks of being a member. If you are not enrolled at Handels but still want to be a part of HHGS, this is the membership for you. You can join our associations, comittees, projects and companies. Or maybe you just want to support the union? We are very happy about that! This membership can only be bought at the HHGS reception.
Support Membership
50 SEKper one week
  • Become a Support Member for one week, and you can join some events. Note that this is applicable for both Handels and non-Handels students, and only gives you access to the pub. This can only be bought at the HHGS reception.
Alumni Membership
450 SEKper six semesters
  • The Alumni Membership is for those of you who, even though you've finished your studies, still want to be a part of our awesome associations. As an alumni member you're allowed to participate in festivities and events hosted by our associations and by the Student Union Board, including for example different kinds of alumni events. To be an alumni member you need to previously been a student member. This membership can only be bought at the HHGS reception.

Reasons to become a member

Educational Coverage

As a member, you contribute to the educational coverage that the union engages in. We regularly meet with the institutions, faculty board and principal of the faculty. Your voice is important!

Associations and Projects

As a member you can join one of our 5 projects (workfairs, introduction weeks etc), 50 associations ranging from choirs to staff in the pub, or the union board.


Some call it heaven on earth, others call it the best bar in town. As a member you are part of the exclusive circle of people who are welcome to the pub, for both regular parties and sittningar.

Discount on staples and course literature

In the union office you can purchase staples at 50% of the non-member price. Some other study material is also available to purchase, obviously to a big discount for members.

SGS Student Housing

On day one of your membership you get 3 months que time at SGS student housing. For each semester you continue to be a member you get an extra month of que time. Note that you need to study at least 50% to receive this benefit.

Yaki-Da and Lounge(s)

Every Wednesday before 23 pm you get free entry to Yaki-Da and on Thursdays before 23 pm you get free entry to Lounge(s). Two days and you have already surpassed what you pay to be a member!


As a member, you are always insured when attending HHGS activites.

Contribute to your programme section

For every member, your programme section gets a part of the money you pay which they can use to provide you with fun events

How can I become a member?

The fastest way to become a member is to click HERE. You can also buy your membership from our reception which is open Monday-Friday 11.00-14.00 (Card payment only). For more information on how to find the Student Union, click HERE. If you want to buy the support membership, you can not pay online, you have to visit us at Vasagatan 1.

Please note that if you are not a registered student at the School of Business, Economics and Law, you can not become a Student Member. If you pay the fee you will automatically become a Support Member.